About Chanticlear Pizza Grill

Chanticlear Pizza has been selling pizza in the Twin Cities area since 1964. Chanticlear Pizza was one of the earliest pizzeria’s in Minnesota and paved the way for the huge industry that pizza has become. Richard “Dick” Kempe was the first owner and he and his family operated Chanticlear Pizza restaurants until 1995 when they finally sold to the current owner Dale Heille.

The brand survived and thrived due to Dick Kempe’s unwavering insistence that only the best ingredients be used in preparing our pizzas. That philosophy is still the backbone of Chanticlear Pizza today. There is a place for cheaper pizza with lower quality ingredients and very little toppings but it is NOT at our place! We are the first Chanticlear Pizza Grill restaurant and are very proud to join the Chanticlear Pizza family. We are committed to honoring the standards that Dick Kempe and Chanticlear Pizza set over 50 years ago. We look forward to the opportunity to give you a great experience in our restaurant. Thank you for your patronage!!